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Many kinds of door locks are available, so you might be unsure which one to choose for the doors in your home. Although the market for door locks does not move as quickly as markets for other products, like appliances and electronics, there is also much development happening in the door lock industry. This feature previews how to choose the best deadbolt lock for your home, so scroll down to learn more about this type of door lock.

What Is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock is a lock bolt that one may move without the aid of spring by twisting a key or an access control device. A basic spring latch is thinner and lighter than a deadbolt lock. They are often made of steel or brass, and the end of the lock is not rounded or angled. A deadbolt lock may be an affordable option to increase the security of your home.

How Do Deadbolt Locks Work?

Deadbolt locks do not require a spring. All it takes is twisting a key to retract or extend the bolt into the door frame’s striking plate.

Since they are not spring-operated, prying them open with a crowbar or other tool is much more difficult. In addition, deadbolts provide more resistance and strength than other locking devices because of the robust locking mechanism.

security lock
security lock

Three Different Kinds of Deadbolt Locks

Euro Cylinders and Turn

The most popular and straightforward type of deadbolt lock is the euro/turn model. With a key, you can open the door from the outside, and the key also retracts the door’s bolt. You can open it with a thumb turn mechanism from the interior side without a key.

You should not install a single-cylinder deadbolt on a door with breakable glass panes close to the lock or a large letter plate. An intruder may easily reach through and open the door and unlock it without a key from the inside. These are simple precautions to keep your house safe from invaders if you install a deadbolt lock.

Double Cylinder

You can unlock a double-cylinder deadbolt lock with a key on both sides of the door. If there are glass panes next to the doorknob, this serves as an added security because it would be impossible to open the door without a key, even from the inside. However, it is important to remember that double-cylinder locks may pose a fire risk. As a homeowner, you must place the key in an easy-access area to open the door in an emergency. Ask our professional locksmith experts from Kardo Lock and Security for additional details on fire safety.

The 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

Read on if you have been curious about BS3621 locks and why a home insurance policy requires them.

The most secure choice is a British standard BS3621 5 lever deadlock. These locks are insurance-approved and keyed from both sides. If you have a wooden front door, you can install this lock in conjunction with a Yale-type night lock.

The manufacturer developed this lock to greatly raise the security standards of outside entries of a house. It has since become a standard in homes across the US. The 5-lever deadbolt, for which the BS3621 is renowned, is the key component of the lock. In addition, the lock works with some steel and some external doors made of wood.

locksmith los angeles
locksmith los angeles

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Installing deadbolt locks is a quick and inexpensive approach to increasing the security of your home. But, of course, they should not be your only security measure. At Kardo Lock and Security, we take pride in our competence and genuine care for our clients. We are dedicated to offering top-notch locksmith services to homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. 

Our locksmith services include residential locksmithcommercial locksmithautomotive locksmith, and emergency locksmith. Offering free consultations in our community, our technicians are highly skilled and equipped with the most recent tools and state-of-the-art technology for safe cracking, access control, CCTV installation, lock repair, and more. For further information and free estimates, call us anytime at (323) 999-2037.